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Hack Tinder accounts Quickly & Easily

Have you ever suspected your significant other cheating on you? You found out through one of your friends that they saw their profile on Tinder. All those “late work” nights are the excuses you keep hearing. Now you need solid evidence that they are actually unfaithful before you take action. This can be especially tough if their phone hard to get to and even more difficult if it is password protected.

This is where Tindspy will come in handy. Remotely hack any Tinder account without the user even knowing. It’s quick and easy, giving you full access to who they matched up with and the conversation history. Even deleted conversations can be recovered!

Tindspy will create a mock profile and scan all Tinder users in the area. You have the option to narrow down results based on location and proximity. Filter by name, age, and sex. If their Instagram account is connected with Tinder finding the correct profile is easier.

Get all the Perks

Supercharge the Tinder app unlocking all features without paying a single dime! Give out unlimited super likes to make sure that hottie notices you. Rewind that last swipe as much as you want no matter how many times you’ve accidentally hit NOPE. Get boosted quickly to the top so everyone will see your profile making it that much easier for you to get matched up. Unlock all the perks of Tinder Gold and so much more! Keep scrolling down to find out what Tindspy is capable of.

Ready to get started?

Tinder Plus & Tinder Gold

Unlimited Likes

That’s right you can swipe as much as you want. But why settle for only likes when you can give an unlimited amount of super likes?

Last Rewind Swipe

We’ve all gone on swiping sprees and accidentally swiped left on a cutie that you wanted to like. Once you’ve swiped left there is no chance of matching up with them ever again. Unless you have “Rewind” which is only available for Tinder Plus & Tinder Gold subscribers. All you have to do is hit the yellow arrow and your last swipe will come back! Now you just have to hope they like you as well!

Unlimited Super Likes

Normally you would only get 5 super likes with Tinder Plus or Gold. If you’re not a subscriber you only get one a day. We found a way to give an unlimited amount of super likes for you to give to anyone. It sucks when you’ve already run out of super likes. Especially when you keep finding way more people that you want to give it out to. It’s the best way for that person you really want to match up with to notice your profile. Any trick that lets you stand out from the rest is an advantage you want to have.

Unlimited Boost

Boost moves you up the queue, boosting your profile views up to 10x more. Whenever someone uses Tinder in your area, your profile will be the first or one of the top profiles to be seen. Boosts last for 30 minutes at a time. If one boost a month is not enough you can always get more. Normally you do have to pay for extra boosts but with our Tinder hack you don’t have to. We’ve added an unlimited amount of boosts that you can use at any time.

Passport to swipe around the world

Do you want to connect with people who live in other parts of the world? Now you can with Passport.  Enter in a location into the search bar or easily drop a pin anywhere on the map to start using Passport. Find potential matches and link up with new and interesting people you might never have without Tinder Plus. You can switch back between your current location and new spots at any time.

You have an unlimited amount of locations changes. People you have liked when using Passport will be able to view your profile up to 24 hours after you’ve changed your location.

Benefits of Tinder Gold

You get everything Tinder Plus has to offer plus you get to see who likes you! This is one of the best features of Tinder Gold! It lets you see who actually liked you. So you can selectively pick and choose who you want to match up with. No more guessing how many likes or even if you’re getting any likes at all.

Quickly auto-match with people that like you or check out their profile to learn more about them. Swipe right if you want to match up with them or if you find that they don’t fit your tastes swipe to the left. If you are normally swiping through profiles and see three hearts next to their name, that person has already liked you.

Access Tinder U

Tinder U

Go to University? Want to connect or hook up with other students that go to your school? Or maybe you just need some more people to study with. The best way to learn something new is with study buddies! Tinder U is a great way to meet new students around campus. You’re not restricted to only the school you attend, you can even take it to other campuses and mingle with the students over there.

The only way you can access Tinder U is:

  1. GPS location is on campus
  2. A .edu email address

Now if you don’t have these two things there’s no other way you’ll get in. But with the use of our Tinder hacker, you can!

What are you waiting for?

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