Free Riot Points codes for all League of Legends players!

Get your Free Riot Points here

We are currently giving away a huge amount of Riot Points that you can redeem right away. We have an enormous amount of codes to giveaway! Instead of spending all your hard earned cash on champions and skins maybe spend it on something like a new gaming keyboard or mouse.

1380 Riot Points

1380 Riot Points

This much RP is enough to get you any skin up to the epic tier. Any champion old or new can also be unlocked. Or maybe you only want a Chroma skin or Summoner Icon to go with your new champ. You don’t even have to collect points to unlock the RP code!

3500 Riot Points

3500 Riot Points

Have you been eyeing that new Ultimate skin that just came out? Then this is what you need! It’s enough to get you a ton of new skins, items, accessories, you name it! Everything is within your grasp, so whatever it is that you’ve been eyeing in League of Legends it’s all within your grasp!

7200 Riot Points

7200 Riot Points

Grab yourself a Legendary and Ultimate skin plus some Hextech Chests & Keys with plenty of RP to spare. How about another rune page? Or if you’re just starting out a set of XP Boosts, IP Boosts, and a Starter or Champions Bundle will surely help you get you to the top!

15000 Riot Points

15000 Riot Points

Here is the motherload! You’ve probably shared this page with a ton of your friends to unlock this. It’s enough to get you plenty of skins and still gift your friends some champions. But how you use up this massive amount of in-game currency is up to you! Have fun and enjoy your spending spree!


League of Legends Ahri

Once I get my RP code what can I do with it?

Riot Points (RP for short) is an in-game currency that is used to purchase champions, skins, and other in-game boosts. Champions are the main characters that you play as. Skins that are used to completely change the way the champions look. Legendary skins are more rare, they get completely different particles, sound effects, and voices. Skins are wildly popular making it the most purchased commodity in the store. You get a huge amount to choose from for each champion and with all the new skins currently being made the number will continue to grow.

If you’re just starting out in League of Legends starting out with a bundle of champions will come in handy, choose from different bundles; from the Starter, Champions, Digital Collector’s, Flash & Dash, Otherworldly, Scrappy Duelists, and Stranger Danger Bundle. These bundles will give you champions and skins/boosts.

You can also get gameplay boosts plus IP (Influence Points) boosts or XP (Experience Points). Choose the number of wins or duration of days you want to run the boosts for. These boosts will help you level up faster and collect more in-game items.

So how exactly do I claim my free Riot Points from this site?

Under each gift card, a button will be displaying “Redeem.” Click on the “Redeem” button and you’ll go through human verification before the Riot Points code is given to you. We do this in order to combat any bots trying to take advantage of our giveaway.

Can I get a free Riot Points code every day?

We refill our database with new codes after a 24 hour period. Each user can redeem four RP codes in this time period. When 24 hours have passed you may come back here and collect another four. If you don’t remember how long it has been just click on one of the “Redeem RP” buttons and there will be a count down timer displaying how much longer you’ll have to wait. If you don’t see any timer you’re good to go.

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