PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG) hack

PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds (PUBG) hack

The WinnerDinner PUBG hack has been in development in over a year and now we’re ready to release it for everyone to use. Use it to get free UC & BP for custom skins. Or have some fun slaying noobs with the aimbot. New features are being added to the PUBG hack on a regular basis. We also take requests on some hacks people would also like added.

The PUBG hack works on both mobile, desktop PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds.

UC & BP Hack

pubg UC hack

Dress up your in-game character with the latest skin releases without having to shell out your hard earned money. Be a boss and show it off your new skins to your friends (and enemies). Deck out the plane before your jump and glide into the battlefield in style with unique parachutes that no one else has.


PUBG aimbot

The aimbot gives anyone who wields it a huge advantage. Make every shot count from any distance with any firearm. You also have the option to land only a specific amount of bullets per magazine to make it seem more legit. Use the slider in the WinnerDinner app to specify a percentage range of 1% – 100%. Body parts can also be chosen. So you can get more headshots than the body, legs, or arms. Or have it completely the other way around. If you really feel like being a troll set the aimbot to only hit below the belt.

Wall hack

pubg wall hack

See through walls to find out who’s lurking behind the corner. Stop ambushes from happening or know when to strike when your team has been waiting patiently for prey to walk right into a trap. Enemies are highlighted for you to easily pinpoint their exact location. Highlighted enemies are updated in real time unlike some other PUBG hacks out there. Other PUBG hacks have a delay and show where the enemy has last been with a few seconds of a delay. This is not only confusing but can cost you the match. We made sure to show where your enemies are in real time without any lag.

Radar hack

The radar hack will show everyone on the big map and mini-map on the corner of your screen. This will give you and your team a huge advantage. Knowing where your enemies are will help you plan accordingly. You can use it to let multiple teams fight it out before you sweep in and clean up any remaining foes. Position yourself to flank without being caught in between two teams. Whatever strategy you use, the map hack will help you in so many ways.

Royale Pass Hack

PUBG Royale Pass Upgrade

Everyone gets a free Royale Pass that gives you the opportunity to unlock more cosmetic items and perks in the game. You can upgrade your Royale Pass to an Elite Upgrade or an Elite Upgrade Plus. But in order to do this, you need to spend money to get the required UC to upgrade the pass. To get around this we’ve added a way to get any Royale pass upgrade for free. All you have to do is select which one you want in the PUBG hack.

Requested PUBG Hacks

These are features we added into the PUBG hack that was requested by the community. We continuously add more on each update so don’t forget to submit your request.

Turn off Gun Recoil

Turn this on to negate all recoil on any gun. Control those shotguns blasts that have a ton of kickback.

Health Pack Hack

Use the health pack hack to quickly gain 100% of your health without any delays. Even if you don’t have any health pack on hand.

Start with Guns as soon as you land

Once you land it becomes a quick scramble to pick up weapons and armor. Especially if you landed next to enemies, if this happens the one who picks up a gun first will usually determine who gets to live. Chasing someone in the same room trying to punch them down with your weak fists to only get blown to smithereens by a shotgun sucks. Now if you have WinnerDinner installed you can get any starting weapon you want as long as it is in the game mode and map you’re playing on. This will give you a huge advantage over anyone who dares land in your vicinity.


WinnerDinner works on all platforms which include the mobile version, PC, PS4, & Xbox One.

Before you launch the game you have to launch the app (for mobile) or software (PC, PS4, Xbox One). From within the app you can start the game. The PUBG hack will run in the background while you play the game.

No, we always test new versions before releasing it to the public to make sure no accounts are getting banned. We are constantly updating WinnerDinner with every new patch the game releases.

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