Free Donuts & Candy for Auto Chess Mobile & PC

Free Donuts? Yummy!

Auto Chess Free Donuts Candy

Donuts in Auto Chess is the in-game currency that can only be bought with real money. Now if you’ve been looking for a way to get some Donuts for free we have a solution. Download the AutoChekMate app to your mobile device or PC and get up to 6,000 Donuts deposited into your account per day.

Donuts can be used to upgrade a Junior Pass to a Senior Pass and to play the Gacha game. Rolling the Gacha will randomly reward you with in-game skins including new Chessplayers and Chessboards. Even get unique Avatars, damage effects, chat emojis and chat bubbles. Fully customize everything to fit your style.

Methods to getting Free Candy

Auto Chess Skins

There are quite a few ways to get free Candy in Auto Chess. Playing the game in casual or ranked mode will award you with Candy depending on what place you come in. The higher you place in the tournament the more Candy you get. Winning the match awards you the highest number of Candies. You also get rewarded with bonus Candy from winning your first game of the day.

Complete weekly quests to gain Chess Pass Points that can be used to level up your Chess Pass. Rewarding you with Candy and other goodies. To get the most out of it, you’ll want to get a Senior Pass. The Senior Pass helps you level up faster, unlock more rewards, chess board skins, avatars, and more! Each Senior Pass will last you one season.

Season challenges are another way to get more Chess Pass Points. And if you complete all the required tasks you will unlock exclusive season rewards.

Now there’s an easier way yo get Candy for free. Use the AutoChekMate app. AutoChekMate can reload your Auto Chess account with up to 6,000 Candies per day.

Download AutoChekMate now!

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