GramSlide: Instagram Hacker App

Why would you need to hack Instagram?


Millions of people are on Instagram every day sharing amazing content with their friends and followers. Some people are even making a living with just Instagram alone. So their account is something that is very important to them. It’s even used as a place to send messages to each other, either directly to one person or to a group of people.

What if your account just got disabled or you forgot your password and can’t recover it. Or worse, your account was hacked. Now the hacker is deleting all your content and posting a bunch of garbage on your account. You’ve tried everything in your power but still can’t get the account back… when you’re left with no other choices and you’ve tried everything, your last resort may be to use a hacker for Instagram.

GramSlide is an app made just for these situations. It doesn’t just recover accounts and passwords. You can look at old posts that were deleted, recover deleted conversations, spy on direct messages, just to name a few things that it can do. We are constantly adding more features to the app so expect more to come.

1. Hack Instagram Accounts & Passwords

hack Instagram account password

Some reasons you might want to hack into an Instagram account:

  • Forgotten password.
  • Try to access an old account.
  • Someone phished your account’s password and now you’re trying to take back control.
  • Access an account of a deceased friend or family member.
  • Find out if your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse is cheating on you.

If you tick off one or more of the boxes then this is the app you’ve been looking for. It’s almost near impossible to regain access to an account if you forget your password and can’t use any of the default recovery methods. It goes the same for hackers who’ve taken control of your account. As soon as they break in, they will quickly change the password and the recovery email.

Everyone eventually dies, it’s an unfortunate fact. They have their own social media accounts and no one else would be able to access them. Maybe they left you with a special request to let their friends, family, and followers know that they passed away if something were to ever happen to them. But they forgot to leave you with their account information for their social media accounts. GramSlide has been built for these situations, giving you access to post to their account, or even delete it.

Not everyone is faithful, you might already suspect your partner is cheating on you. But first, you need some hard evidence before you can confront them. Hack DMs and view any conversation they’ve had with GramSlide. Even if they deleted the conversation or messages they’ve sent. No access to their phone is needed, you can do it from the comfort of your own computer or smartphone.

2. Recover disabled or deleted Instagram accounts

A disabled account usually has gone against Instagram’s TOS. They don’t tell you what you did wrong or give you any kind of warning. Once it happens, it just happens and there is nothing you can do about. Until now that is. Re-enabling an account doesn’t take much time an no human intervention is needed. Disabled account’s data is still kept within the servers. So you can rest assure that every post you made will still be up once you regain access.

GramSlide is able to recover a disabled account as many times as possible. Unless an actual staff member from Instagram personally deletes the account. If this happens there is no way of getting the account back. It is advised that you follow the terms of service if you want to keep the account for the long term.

3. Recover deleted photos, videos, or conversations

recover Instagram post

You ever come to an awesome post on Instagram but when you come back to it later it’s been deleted? Even if you bookmarked the post there’s no way you can see it. That is unless you saved it to your smartphone. Or maybe you accidentally deleted a conversation that you were having with a friend and need to see what was said in the older messages. The only possible way you can recover deleted posts or conversations on Instagram is by using an app made for this specific job.

GramSlide makes this process simple. You don’t even need the URL to the specific post, all you need is the Instagram account’s username. Once you enter it into GramSlide you can look at the history of deleted posts they’ve made.

It’s just as straightforward with deleted conversations. Enter in the username and within a few minutes, you will see the whole conversation history you had with that person.

Ready to get started?

4. Spy on Instagram DMs

Instagram direct message spy

Spying on someone’s DMs has never been easier. In order to do this hacking Instagram is necessary. It’s all done remotely on any device, you don’t need access to your target’s account, just their username.

Monitor messages and get notifications of any new activity in the conversation. The conversation can be saved automatically as the messages are being sent. Saved conversations will display time stamps and the location of where it was sent.

5. Get more followers & likes

Followers Likes Hack

Getting more followers and likes on your posts has never been easier. You have full control over how many people following you per day, the number of likes you get whenever you post. These are real followers, real people using Instagram on a regular bases. None of those cheap fake followers you get from buying or using other apps.

The more people that use GramSlide the bigger the network. You can follow people based on keywords in their profile so you actually stay a follower. Like posts works the same way, like posts based on keywords or hashtags.

Maybe you don’t care about them being real or not. If you are looking for fake followers and likes we got that too. We have an army of Instagram bots ready to like and follow your account or anyone else that you choose.

6. View accounts even if you’re blocked

Did you get blocked on Instagram by someone you’ve been following? It could be a friend that you just annoyed or an ex that you just broke up with. Now they blocked you. Has your curiosity gotten the best of you and you’re wondering what they’ve been up to? Luckily for you, we’ve managed to find a way to hack blocks on Instagram.
Bypass anyone’s block they placed on you without the person knowing you can still see their posts. You’ll still be redistricted from leaving comments or likes on their posts but you’ll still be able to see anything new they post. Unfortunately sending DMs to them won’t work either.

One of the most requested features is a way to hack private accounts, to view their posts and stories. Your friends are sending you DMs of funny posts they find on private pages but you don’t want to follow them just to see what it is. Once you follow these meme accounts get ready to see your Instagram feed get flooded with nothing but their posts. There has to be a way to see private posts without having to follow them. We’ve found out how to do it and all you need to do is install GramSlide.

You can view any private account, even through DMs. Posts will show up normally, letting you decide if following the account is actually worth it. However, if you do decide to follow the account you will still have to send a follow request. Only until they accept your request is when you can leave some likes and drop a comment or two.

This works on any Instagram account, not just meme accounts.

What are you waiting for?

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