Recover Facebook Accounts & Bypass Security Checks

Bypass Facebook Verification

Facebook verification hack

Have you ever been locked out of your Facebook? Facing the dreaded security checks? These locks can be temporary or will last until you pass the security checkpoint. There are many ways Facebook will flag your account for suspicious activity.

Using a proxy or logging in from a different location than you normally log in from can trigger this. Using a bot or doing bot like behaviors in Facebook is another way people get locked out of their accounts.

Or maybe your account has been disabled. Now they’re asking you to confirm your identity by uploading a photo of yourself.

If you need to get back into your Facebook account use BookUnlockr. It can help you bypass the security measures set in place.

Government ID

Bypass Facebook ID verification

Facebook may ask for your ID issued by your country. Like a drivers license, passport, birth certificate, etc. You can see a list of IDs accepted here. You probably don’t want to share this information. Especially with all the news going on about Facebook leaking private information. Or maybe you already submitted documents and they are still asking for another piece of ID.

This process can take longer depending on the queue and how busy the staff is. It could take weeks or even months before you’ll have access to your account. BookUnlockr can bypass ID checks. It will also set your account as verified so you never have to go through it again.

Trusted Contacts

Facebook trusted contacts

Settings up your trusted contacts will give you a way to log back into your account if you get locked out. You have the option to nominate 3 to 5 friends as trusted sources. It comes in handy when you forget your Facebook password and need help getting back in. But what if your trusted contacts can’t log in to their own accounts? Or are not replying back to you with the code? If this happens you’re basically locked out forever. Unless you use BookUnlockr.

BookUnlockr will generate the codes that you need to gain access to your account. Bypassing your trusted contacts. From here you will be forced to make a new password. It’s also best to change your trusted contacts to other accounts you have control of. Because you’re heavily relying on these people with your Facebook account. Even if it were to happen again you can trust in BookUnlockr. It will grant you access to your Facebook account without any hassles.

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Bypass Photo Security Check

There is another way Facebook will try to verify that you are the owner of the account. It will ask you to verify the identities of your friend’s pictures. This security checkpoint can trip if you log in from an unknown device or location. This method of verification is not perfect. It will sometimes show you with photos of things or objects that are not even real people. Your friends could be uploading pictures of animals, food, or even celebrities. How is someone supposed to identify a person with photos like that? If you fail to identify your friends you will be locked out for a few hours before you can try again. Fail again on your second attempt and you will get locked out for an even longer duration.

There are tricks you can try to do, but Facebook has a timer set in the background. It forces you to identify another photo if you take too long to identify the picture. Doing a reverse image check is slow if it’s done manually. BookUnlockr works under this same principle. But does it insanely fast and is highly accurate.

Bypass Phone Verification

Facebook phone verification

At some point, you’ll run into having to phone verify your Facebook account. If you haven’t entered a phone number in Facebook, they eventually will ask you to register one. For people that don’t have mobile phones… well, they’re pretty much stuck without an account. Even if you do have your phone number linked to your account the SMS message containing the code can get lost. Without you receiving it.

The only way to bypass this is with BookUnlockr. It will run the Facebook hack. Which generates the correct confirmation code. This code is the only way you’ll gain access to the account.

Two Factor Authentication Hack

Two factor authentication

Are you facing issues with two-factor authentication? Not receiving the SMS text or maybe you accidentally deleted the authentication app. If this happens you’re screwed, especially if it’s the latter. Once you lose it there is no way to recover it unless you use BookUnlockr.

It does not matter if you used your phone number or used an app like Google Authenticator to enable 2FA. Bypassing this system can be done with BookUnlockr. It will give you the necessary code so you can log back into your Facebook account.

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