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BookUnlockr is a spy tool made for Facebook. Designed to help you recover accounts that you’ve been locked out of, view private messages sent through FB messenger, and so much more. It’s especially frustrating when trying to contact support through Facebook. It could take days and even weeks before someone reaches back to you, and even then they might not even be able to have a solution to your problem. This is where BookUnlockr is here to help. It’s simple to use and works quickly.

Have a scroll down below to see what this tool is truly capable of. We continuously update the app adding new features and updates. If you would like to input some ideas please feel free to contact us and we will consider every recommendation.

facebook private profile viewer

View anyone’s profile even if they have it set to private. They might have set their settings to only be viewed by friends or themselves. Bookunlockr can bypass these settings, letting you view the profile like how the original owner sees it.

All their albums of photos can be viewed in full screen. You can even download selected pictures in their original uploaded full resolution. Download specific photos or albums, and if you so choose, download all photos from the profile. Any deleted pics still cached on Facebook’s servers can also be viewed and downloaded.

You have the same options with any videos uploaded to the account. Info like what they’ve liked, interests, jobs they’ve had, etc.

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facebook messenger spy

Quickly spy on messages being sent through Facebook Messenger. Enter in the user’s name or the URL of their profile and you will have full access. The hack will gather all the data from the chat session including; messages, photos, videos, stickers, voice messages, attachments, dates, and timestamps. BookUnlockr can also notify you if the person is in a live video call which you can jump in and spy on if needed.

Download the whole archive of chat sessions with one tap. Save it to your device which you can view at any time without having to be connected online to the Internet.

bypass facebook security

Bypass Facebook security checks with ease, no waiting required either. If facebook flags your account for suspicious activity then you will most likely face some sort of security check. Or worse have your account completely disabled. This can be a huge issue especially if you have a lot of photos saved on Facebook. Or are the only admin of pages with a high number of followers.

It’s frustrating and can be very time-consuming. Dealing with Facebook support can turn into a huge headache. Fortunately, BookUnlockr has a way around these security checkpoints. Whether it’s verifying with a phone, a government-issued ID, photos of your friends, security questions, or trusted contacts. BookUnlockr can bypass all these security measures fast, so you can get back to using your Facebook account.

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