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What is autochekmate?

We made this Auto Chess hack for anyone who wants to get some cute avatars and skins without having to drop an outlandish amount of money into the game. We’ve also built a few cheats into the app that give you a slight advantage when it comes to rolling chess pieces. Enjoy!

Auto Chess is available for iOS users on the App Store. Android users can download it from the Google Play Store. PC users will soon be able to download the game through the EPIC Games Store.

Free Donuts

Auto Chess Free Donuts Candy

You can get Donuts for free with the Auto Chess hack. Select the amount of Donuts you want then after a few minutes of confirming, the Donuts will be deposited in your account.

Free Candy

Hack any amount of Candies into your Auto Chess account. Use Candy to play the Gacha game in the store, and win some awesome rewards! Including Chess player and Chessboard skins.

Free Chess Pass Upgrade

free chess pass upgrade

Get free a free Senior Pass or a Senior Pass Featured Pack! You get a Junior Pass for free by why settle for fewer rewards? Once you reach a certain Chess Pass level, Junior Pass holders stop receiving rewards as they level up their Chess Pass.

Get rewards exclusive to only Senior Pass holders like chat emojis, chat bubbles, damage effects, boosts, avatars, chess player skins, chessboards, and much more!

Senior Pass

  • Costs 680 Donuts
  • Goes up to Lv200

Senior Pass Featured Pack

  • Costs 1488 Donuts
  • Senior Pass & +30 Chess Pass Levels including all the rewards prior
  • Worth 40,000 Candies

Higher chance of rolling Legendary chess pieces

Roll Legendary Chess Piece Auto Chess

The chances of rolling a legendary chess piece are low. It’s a 0 to 3 percent chance of getting one. Each legendary costs 5 gold, so you must take into consideration how much gold you have left before rolling again.

Enable the cheat in the Auto Chess hack to give you a much higher chance of rolling a legendary. You can have up to a 25% boost, which almost guarantees at least one of the chess pieces is going to be rare or legendary.

This cheat can only be enabled in casual mode. We have not found a way to get this cheat working in ranked mode as of yet. But are still working on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Right now iOS & Android devices are supported. We will have a version for desktop users as soon as PC Auto Chess is released on the EPIC Games Store.

Yes, you need to download the AutoChekMate app to your iOS or Android device. Instructions on how to install and use the app will be included with the download.

You can deposit 6000 Donuts and 6000 Candy per day per account.

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