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What is ApexGenie?

Apex Genie is a hack made for Apex Legends. It gives the player a competitive advantage plus the added benefit of obtaining visual enchantments easily for each and every legend in the game. Unlock legends such as Caustic, Octane, Wattson, and the other locked Legends without having to spend a single dime. It beats grinding all day just to get enough Legend Tokens.

Use Apex Genie and turn on the option to see through walls. Then use the aim-bot to place head-shots on your targets with ease. We’ve thrown almost everything into this Apex Legends hack and will continue to add more features to it in the future.

Apex Coins Hack

Apex Coins

The built-in Apex Coins hack will grant you free in-game currency (Apex Coins). Use Apex Coins to unlock legends, purchase Apex Packs, and redeem featured legendary skins/items.

If you’re looking to get the much coveted Heirloom Set, be prepared to open a ton of Apex Packs. You have to be extremely lucky to get it and it only comes out of Apex Packs. Having the Apex Coins hack will truly come in handy when trying to get these extremely rare items.

Free Battle Passes

Obtaining a Battle Pass will give you exclusive skins and rewards as you play. It also gives you bonus XP to help you level up faster. There are two battle pass types that you can get:

  • Battle Pass (950 Apex Coins)
  • Battle Pass Bundle (2800 Apex Coins)

You can get Battle Passes for free by using the Apex Legends hack. Generate the required amount of Apex Coins and unlock any pass of your choosing. Each season has it’s own Battle Pass. So you will have to acquire another pass when a new season starts. Each season has exclusive rewards which cannot be obtained once a new season comes into play. Only OGs get to enjoy these skins, so make sure you always play with a Battle Pass!

Free Apex Packs

Use the Apex Legends hack to get as many Apex Packs as you want. Set the amount of Apex Coins you want deposited in your account then get all the Apex Packs!

If you’re looking to get the much coveted Heirloom Set, be prepared to open a ton of packs. You have to be extremely lucky to get it and the only way to get it is through Apex Packs. Having the Apex Coins hack will truly come in handy when trying to get these extremely rare items.

Unlock all Stat Trackers

Unlock Apex Legends Trackers without having to use use any Crafting Metals. These tracks show you how much kills you’ve got with the selected Legend, finishers, headshots, etc. Flex on your enemies with how God like you are. There are even rare trackers (blue in color) that are unique to each Legend. These show the special abilities and how much you’ve used them.

Unlock New Legends

Apex Legends Wattson

Get new Legends as soon as they are released. Use the Apex Coins hack to unlock any or all Legends.

Legendary Hunt Challenge Rewards

Legendary Hunt Skins

These rewards can only be awarded if you participate in the Legendary Hunt which is a where all the elite players like to test their skills. Win Rare, Epic, and Legendary skins exclusive to the winners in this game mode. You can also win new badges to show off and other goodies. These rare in game cosmetics are event limited so once it’s over getting them in the future is nearly impossible.

The best of the best gather here. Maybe you’re not a pro gamer and can’t aim if you life depended on it. If that’s the case then getting these rare skins and rewards are going to be pretty much impossible. Unless you spend Apex Coins in the Legendary Hunt Store. But these special skins get rotated randomly within the store so no one really knows when the skin you want will actually be on sale.

So how do you win these Legendary Hunt skins if you suck at the game? Fire up ApexGenie and enable all the hacks and cheat your way to victory!


Apex Legends Aimbot

Never miss a head-shot no matter how far the enemy target is. The aim-bot can be adjusted to hit 10% to 100% of the time to make it seem more human like. Target snapping can also be adjusted to move at different speeds. From human like speeds to bot like. You can also select what areas or parts of the body you want the aim-bot to target.

Wall Hack

Apex Legends Wall Hack

See who’s hiding inside buildings without being caught off guard. Find out who’s around the corner without having to peak around the corner giving away your position. The beauty of using a wall hack is the ability to know what’s going on in the battlefield around you at all times. Having x-ray vision is a very powerful tool in Apex Legends.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you access ApexGenie online using a browser on your PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4.

Yes, ApexGenie works on all platforms including PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

  1. Access ApexGenie using any internet browser.
  2. Click “Access Now” on this page. A token will be provided to you, granting you access to ApexGenie.
  3. Select which platform you play on and enter in your username.
  4. Select which options you want to be enabled (ex. Number of Apex Coins, wallhack, aimbot, etc.).
  5. Then launch the Apex Legends game. Apex Coins will be deposited into your account within a few minutes and any hacks will instantly be enabled as soon as you start a match.

A token helps us stop bots from using ApexGenie, bots put a huge strain on our servers, ruining the experience for actual human players. The token helps us prove that you are a human.

If you don’t get the Apex Coins instantly then you might have to wait a few minutes. We’ve had reports of users receiving Apex Coins within 1 – 10 minutes and some had to wait half an hour. If you get any long wait times, the main cause is usually EA’s servers. Have a few games and wait it out, rest assured your free Apex Coins will be deposited in your account.

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